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0 Is it possible to live off-grid?

Supply and demand are carefully matched and with the grid often buys excess renewable energy from consumers to keep it fully fed during energy lulls. Detaching from this grid means losing that safety…

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0 UAE, Egypt accelerating joint co-operation in trade ties

They reviewed opportunities to enhance prospects of co-operation in 13 developmental sectors, including trade, customs, industry, technology, tourism, finance, metrology, electricity, renewable energy, transport, aviation, and water resources management … Source: Renewable Energy …

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0 Solar for struggling households

“We’re fortunate, real fortunate.” Ogemagegedo and Roblero-Gomez’s household is one of 50 in a pilot program aimed at spreading the benefits of renewable energy to low-income households. Cherryland Electric Cooperative is partnering with…

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0 Green power won’t close coal stations

There isn’t a link between the impending decommissioning of old Eskom power plants and the move to sign renewable contracts, said Thabanga Audat, the acting deputy director-general of policy and planning at the…

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0 Leap green energy wind

The company did not disclose the value of the deal. Email: ayyappan@leapgreenenergy. India’s targets 170 GW of renewable energy by 2022 that includes 60GW of wind energy in which 15% – 20% of…

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